After that incident in Ruaka, MARY the Mother of Jesus appears in Makueni (PHOTO)

An image believed to be that of Mary the Mother of Jesus is said to have been spotted in Katheka, Makueni County, on Thursday.
According to residents, the image of Mary appeared on a rock that has been a water tower of the poverty stricken village for long.
Residents say Mary’s first impression on the rock was seen on Sunday October 25, 2015 by women who had gone to fetch water at Manooni Dam.
Women in the village say that they have never seen this image at any time over the period they have fetched water near that rock.
This is not the first time the image of Mary Mother of Jesus has appeared in Kenya.
In August this year, crowds gathered in Ruaka, Kiambu County, to witness the appearance of Mary’s image on top of a tree.
Residents say the shadow of a particular tree formed the impression of something that looked like Mary.
Even in developed countries like Ukraine and England, Mary Mother of Jesus has appeared in some villages.
Here is a Photo of Mary as she appeared in Makueni. 

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