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Kocha mpya wa mazoezi ya viungo asaini mkataba rasmi

Kocha mpya wa mazoezi ya viungo asaini mkataba rasmi
Rais wa klabu ya Simba Evans Aveva akibadilishana mkataba na kocha mpya wa mazoezi ya viungo Dušan Momčilović.
Kocha huyo kutoka Nchini Serbia ana uzoefu mkubwa katika fani ya mpira wa miguu hususani mazoezi ya viungo. Kocha Dušan amefundisha klabu mbalimbali duniani kwenye Nchi kama Malaysia, Indonesia, Georgia ambako Alikuwa kocha wa mazoezi ya viungo wa klabu ya FC DINAMO ambayo ilicheza mechi za awali ya klabu bingwa ya Ulaya-UEFA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Oman na Belgrade
Kocha Dušan pia ana uzoefu wa kufundisha na kufanya kazi Afrika, ameshawahi kufanya kazi na kufundisha timu ya FC SOGOR –Tobruk – Libya.
Kocha Dušan ni muhitimu wa Digrii ya Mazoezi ya Viungo jijini Belgrade akiwa amejikita Zaidi kwenye mazoezi ya viungo na kujenga mwili.
Klabu ya Simba inafuraha kubwa kuingia mkataba na kocha Dušan Momčilović mwenye uzoefu na weledi wa kutosha, tunaamini atakuwa chachu ya mafanikio pia kunoa vipaji vya wachezaji wa Simba.

Here’s an “expensive” Nairobi PROSTITUTE charging Ksh 90,000 a night (PHOTOs)

 A 26 year old Nairobi prostitute named, Kaitlyn Amaru, has decided to take her business to another level. Apparently, the high class lady, who mostly targets politicians and wealthy businessmen, has been advertising her goodies online to attract more customers.

She operates from a secret apartment in one of the city’s suburbs and any man who wants to taste her flesh must be well  loaded. To enjoy her services for a full night, one has to part with Ksh 90,000. You must pay 40 percent of the amount before getting down to action.

She also dishes out her flesh to foreign men just like Vera Sidika and any foreigner who wants to taste her flesh must adhere to her requirements.  You must fly her in Business Class and pay her 50 % of the agreed cash before she flies out. International bookings have to be made one month before because she is very busy.

Month in Tech: Samsung's see-through truck

(Credit: Samsung)

The Korean electronics behemoth unveiled a prototype tractor trailer that allows vehicles behind large lorries to essentially see through the vehicle. Samsung calls it the Safety Truck, and it is fitted with a wireless camera on the front and four large exterior monitors on the truck’s rear. The company says motorists behind the rig see exactly what is happening in front of it, enhancing drivers’ awareness of overtaking safety, whether during day or night. The Safety Truck is just a prototype for now, but Samsung’s in talks with non-government agencies and governments to do more testing.
Jaguar Land Rover sees smooth sailing ahead
(Credit: Jaguar Land Rover)
(Credit: Jaguar Land Rover)
As if the British marque’s products didn’t already offer some of the cushiest rides on the road, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is now tapping its Advanced Research Center in the UK to develop a new pothole detection system, aptly named Pothole Alert. The technology will use road-surface sensors, paired with forward-facing stereo digital cameras on the Range Rover Evoque, to scope out potholes and broken manholes, and even detect how deep they are. JLR intends to pair Pothole Alert with its current MagneRide system, which can adjust the suspension in milliseconds to match road conditions, and ultimately wants the technology to detect and drive around potholes for its driver. JLR also plans to send real-time pothole data into the cloud, so that – in a presumably linked future for passenger-car communications – other drivers may access it and respond to road conditions accordingly.
Will your next car pay for itself? 
(Credit: BMW Group)
(Credit: BMW Group)
The sharing economy is no longer just for wide-eyed optimists. Mini announced that it would offer a DriveNow package for its US cars staring in 2016, allowing owners a simple way to rent out their vehicles by the hour. (Think of it as sharing, with a capitalistic twist.) Owners can also add friends and family to a list of people who can use the car for free. DriveNow has formerly been used for fleet rentals, but this is the first time individual Mini owners can use it for their own purposes. Similarly, Ford Motor divulged details on its own peer-to-peer car-sharing programme, which just launched in London and six US cities. Ford says young Americans rank their cars just under books as something they’d be most likely to share.
Audi has lunar fever
(Credit: Audi)
(Credit: Audi)
The German luxury automaker joined the Google Lunar XPrize mission – a challenge to land an unmanned rover on the Moon’s surface, drive at least 500 metres (1,640ft), and send high-definition video and images back to Earth. Dubbed the Lunar Quattro, the space vehicle is made mostly of aluminium, and wears a solar panel hooked to a lithium-ion battery back that feeds four electric hub motors. Audi is helping to finance the rover being built by a Berlin-based team, called Part-Time Scientists. Grab your telescope and look for the vehicle cruising round the former landing site of the Apollo 17 mission sometime in 2017.
This robot drives cars – and itself
(Credit: Darpa)
(Credit: Darpa)
A vaguely dystopic development this month. The winner of the US government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) Robotics Challenge managed to drive itself around in a car this month, then exited and rolled around on its own knees to finish other tasks. The winning ‘bot completed a series of natural disaster obstacles such as walking over rubble, turning off valves and flipping a circuit breaker. Having defeated its robot competitors in the timed race, the wheeled overlord earned $2m in prize money for its feeble underlings.
US military working on Star Wars-like hoverbikes
(Credit: Malloy Aeronautics)
(Credit: Malloy Aeronautics)
At the June Paris Air Show, UK-based Malloy Aeronautics announced it was teaming up with Survice Engineering in the US to build a hoverbike for the US Department of Defense. As our colleagues at BBC News reported, the bike will be a Tactical Reconnaissance Vehicle (TRV), with both manned and unmanned “flights” possible, but for the moment the prototype sooner resembles a drone with a motorcycle seat bolted in the middle than a fearsome war machine. The partners have not divulged performance figures or even how movement will be achieved, though it’s fair to assume tree-dwelling Ewoks will not be among its enemies in the field.
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Hakikisha unawakwepa aina hii ya wanawake ili usijiingize kwenye matatizo. Nitakwambia ni kwa nini…..
1.Demu wako wa zamani Ni vizuri kutorudia mahusiano ya zamani na zaidi kama kwenye mahusiano yenu ya mwanzo mambo hayakuishia kwa uzuri. Sababu kuu ya msingi, kiukweli ni kwamba hakika mwanzoni mlikuwa hamuendani na ndio sababu ya iliyopelekea kuvunjika kwa mahusiano yenu,ndani ya hizo sababu kuna vitu vilivyopolekea kutokea kwa hayo, ukichunguza na kuziangalia kwa makini utagundua ni za asili na ambazo si rahisi kwa mmoja wenu kuzibadilisha sababu ni vitu au mambo ambayo yatakuwa ni ya damuni.
2.Dada wa rafiki yako kipenzi Epukana na kujiingiza kwenye mahusiano na dada wa rafiki yako. Si tu kwamba utaweza kujiingiza kwenye uhasama na chuki kama mambo hayatakwenda sawa, ila pia utaweza kujiweka kwenye mazingira ya kujikuta siku moja unapigwa hata ngumi za uso sababu tu ulimuumiza dada yake. Pia, utaweza kumkosa mtu ambaye ndie alikuwa ni kimbilio lako kwa mambo mbalimbali pale ambapo itatokea wewe na dada yake mambo kutokwenda sawa, sababu hapo patakuwa na mgongano wa kimaslahi kwa huyo rafiki yako.

Umoja wa Mataifa waibuka kidedea katika uhabarishaji na utoaji elimu kwenye tuzo za maonyesho ya 39 ya Sabasaba

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Mh. Dkt. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akimkadhi Mratibu Mkazi wa Mashirika ya Umoja wa Mataifa na Mwakilishi wa Shirika la Maendeleo (UNDP) nchini, Alvaro Rodriguez (kushoto) cheti na tuzo katika kipengele cha  Uelimishaji bora kupitia Uandishi wa machapisho na mpangilio bora wa maonyesho, baada ya Umoja wa Mataifa kuibuka mshindi wa kwanza katika maonyesho ya 39 ya kimataifa ya biashara ya Sabasaba yalipozinduliwa rasmi. Wanaoshuhudia tukio hilo ni Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Mamlaka ya Maendeleo ya Biashara Tanzania (Tan Trade), Jacqueline Mneney Maleko (kushoto) pamoja na Waziri wa Viwanda na Biashara, Mhe.Dkt. Abdallah Kigoda (kulia).
Mratibu Mkazi wa Mashirika ya Umoja wa Mataifa na Mwakilishi wa Shirika la Maendeleo (UNDP) nchini, Alvaro Rodriguez katika picha ya pamoja na wafanyakazi wa Umoja wa Mataifa wanaohudumia banda hilo kwenye maonyesho ya Sabasaba wakisheherekea mara baada ya kutwaa tuzo hiyo.
UN Tanzania inawakaribisha Watanzania wote wanaotembela maonyesho sabasaba kufika katika banda lao lililopo Karume Hall na kuweza kushiriki kutoka maoni ya juu ya utendaji wa kazi za Umoja wa Mataifa Tanzania kwa njia ya mtandao wa simu yako bila kutozwa malipo yoyote ukitumia huduma hiyo, kwa wateja wote mitandao ya Airtel, Tigo na Vodacom.
Jinsi ya kutuma ujumbe mfupi wa maandishi (SMS), kwa kuandika neno UN au UMOJA WA MATAIFA ambapo kwa  watumiaji wa mtandao wa  Airtel watatuma ujumbe wao kwenda namba 15453, kwa watumiaji wa mtandao wa Tigo  wanatuma kwenda 15055 au 15453 na kwa Vodacom ni namba 15055.
Njia nyingine ya kuwasilisha maoni yako moja kwa moja kupitia mtandao (Online) bofya link hii


CRISTIANO RONALDO huenda akaukwaa unahodha wa Real Madrid iwapo Sergio Ramos atafanikiwa kujiunga na Manchester United.
Ramos bado yuko 'vitani' na mabosi wa Real Madrid akiwataka wamruhusu atimkie zake Old Trafford.
Kocha mpya wa Real Madrid Rafa Benitez anatarajiwa atamchagua Ronaldo kuwa nahodha wake kutokana ukweli kuwa baada ya Ramos ni yeye tu na Marcelo ndio wachezaji waliodumu Madrid kwa muda mrefu.
Marcelo beki wa Brazil alijiunga na Real Madrid mwaka 2007 wakati Ronaldo aliingia mwaka 2009 akitokea Manchester United.
Hata hivyo Marcelo hana uhakika wa kuwa na namba ya kudumu, hali inayotoa mwanya kwa Ronaldo kutwaa unahodha kirahisi.

Friday, July 3

Atiwa Mbaroni Akituhumiwa Kumuua Baba Yake kwa Shoka

MKAZI wa kijiji cha Igongwa wilayani Maswa mkoani Simiyu, Majingwa Ndushi (32) amekamatwa na jeshi la Polisi baada ya kutoroka akikwepa kufikishwa mahakamani kwa tuhuma ya kumuua baba yake mzazi, Ndushi Majingwa (65) kwa kumkata na shoka kichwani.
Mbele ya mahakama hiyo, ilidaiwa na Mwendesha Mashtaka wa jeshi hilo, Mkaguzi wa polisi Nassibu Swedy, kuwa mshtakiwa huyo alitenda kosa hilo, Mei 30 mwaka huu, saa tatu asubuhi kijijini hapo.
Alidai kuwa, kabla ya kufanya mauaji hayo mshtakiwa huyo alifika nyumbani kwa baba yake akiwa na shoka mkononi na kumkuta akiwa amekaa kwenye kiti na kisha kuanza kulumbana kwa maneno na hivyo kushindwa kuelewana, ndipo alipomshambulia kwa kumkata kwa shoka kichwani na kufa papo hapo.
Swedy alidai mahakamani hapo mbele ya Hakimu Tumain Marwa, kuwa chanzo cha mauaji hayo ni mgogoro wa muda mrefu wa kifamilia kati ya marehemu na mwanae huyo.
Alisema mara baada ya kufanya tukio hilo alitoroka lakini baada ya muda mfupi, alikamatwa na kisha kufikishwa katika kituo cha polisi cha wilaya ya Maswa.
Hata hivyo, mshitakiwa hakutakiwa kujibu lolote kwa sababu mahakama hiyo, haina uwezo wa kusikiliza kesi za mauaji na hivyo kesi hiyo itatajwa tena Julai 15, mwaka huu, na mshitakiwa amepelekwa rumande.


Jeshi la polisi wilayani kahama mkoani Shinyanga limekamata mashine moja ya BVR ikitumika kuandikisha wapiga kura saa tatu usiku nyumbani kwa mwenyekiti wa mtaa wa Nyakato wilayani humo Mayunga Alphonce kupitia CHEDEMA, huku wakiwalipa shilingi 5,000 kila mmoja. 

Akizungumza leo na waandishi wa Habari mkuu wa wilaya ya kahama Benson Mpesya amesema tukio hilo limetokea jana majira ya saa 3 usiku katika mtaa wa nyakato ambapo mashine hiyo ilikutwa ikiwa inafanya kazi ya kuandikisha wapiga kura.

Mpesya amesema kuwa vyombo vya usalama wilayani humo vilipata taarifa kutoka kwa raia wema ambazo zimewezesha kukamatwa kwa mashine hiyo pamoja na vitambulisho vitano ambavyo tayari vilikuwa vimeshakamilika kuandikishwa.

Ameongeza katika harakati za kukamata mashine hiyo pia wameweza kumkamata mhamiaji haramu mmoja raia wa Burundi ambaye tayari alikuwa ameshaandikishwa na mashine hiyo akiwa ndani ya nyumba ya mwenyekiti huyo wa mtaa.

Mpesya amesema jeshi la Polisi wilayani humo linamshikilia kaimu afisa mtendaji wa kata ya Nyasubi Lugina Misango ambaye ndiye mwenye dhamana ya kusimamia mashine hizo kwa kosa la kuruhusu mashine hiyo kutumika nyumbani kwa myekiti wa mtaa.

Katika hatua nyingine Mpesya amewataka waandishi wa habari wanaotumiwa kukanusha taarifa hiyo, kutambua kuwa ofisi yake ni mamlaka kamili ya serikali na kwamba wasubiri hatua za kisheria kwani ushahidi wa kukamatwa kwa mashine hiyo upo kituo cha polisi.
Tangu kuanza kwa zoezi la uandikishaji wapiga kura katika daftari la kudumu la wapiga kura wilayani humo hilo ndio tukio la kwanza la aina yake ambalo limevuta hisia, na Mpesya amesema jeshi la polisi bado linaendelea na uchunguzi.

Thursday, July 2

Viettel Tanzania Jobs - 7/2/2015

Viettel Tanzania holds a national Network Facilities (NF) license for fixed line and mobile networks, and is thought to be looking to roll out a third-generation mobile network based on UMTS/W-CDMA technology. We are telecommunication Company duly established under the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania whose office  is located at  Nzega Road, Ipuli ward, Uledi street  near Mnadani -Tabora.

For implementing business plan in 2014 and 2015 and our development strategy, we will hold a mass recruitment to all over the country with talent and excellent candidates who are specialized in Telecommunication, IT, Marketing, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Accountant sector. Viettel Company Limited (Tabora Branch) announcing the following  position:


1.    Administration activities
2.    Planning activities
3.    Finance activities
4.    Legal      
5.    Asset
6.    Investment 
7.    Mobile Terminal Activities (Manage Warranty, Repair and maintenance of Devices i.e. Phones, Modem, Router Etc.)
8.    Other  activities in District


1.    Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication, computer science, ICT, or any other related Technical course
2.    Knowledge of Repair and maintenance of Electronic Devices will be an added Advantage
3.    Degree in Business Administration or any other combined with Additional Diploma/Certificate in Technical Course.
4.    Should be a Male candidate  
5.    Fluent English ability 
6.    Enthusiastic, candid, faithful; Be ready to devote and work in a long-term period with the company.

Workplaces: Tabora region
How to apply:
-    Send softcopy of academic certificate and Curriculum Vitae (CV) or send hard copy at our office. (Located at Ipuli ward near Mnadani –Tabora) 

  Deadline: 10TH JULY  2015

Tanzania Postal Bank Jobs - 7/2/2015

Tanzania Postal Bank is an established Bank by the Act No. 11 of 1991 as amended by Act No. 11 of 1992. TPB is a Bank that provides competitive financial services to our customers and creates value for our stakeholders through innovative products.

TPB is a Bank, whose vision is “to be the leading bank in Tanzania in the provision of affordable, accessible and convenient financial services”. As part of effective organizational development and management of its human capital in an effective way, TPB commits itself towards attaining, retaining and developing the highly capable and qualified workforce for TPB betterment and the Nation at large.


Tanzania Postal Bank (TPB) seeks to appoint dedicated, self-motivated and highly organized Credit Officers – Group Lending (8 positions) to join the Retail and Business Banking team. The work stations are Bariadi, Mbinga, Mafinga, Ifakara, Nzega, Kasulu, Karagwe and Mtwara.

Reporting Line: Branch Manager (BM) or Branch Operations Manager (BOM) Locations: Bariadi, Mbinga, Mafinga, Ifakara, Nzega, Kasulu, Karagwe and Mtwara Work Schedule: As per TPB Staff regulations

Division: Branches
Salary:  Commensurate to the Job Advertised

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Achieve and maintain the following monthly performance targets:
At least 340 active clients;

A portfolio outstanding of at least TZsh. 100 million.

A portfolio at Risk (PAR) above one day rate not exceeding 2% at all times.

2. Participate in the recovery of written off loans in accordance with TPB’s loan recovery guidelines.

3. Active mobilization, sensitization, formation and recruitment of economically active members into the groups as well as promoting a saving culture and savings mobilization in the groups.

4. Ensure timely loan repayments and security deposit collections in all groups.

5. Ensure that all clients’ loan repayments are accurately posted in the loan tracking system.

6. Ensure weekly/biweekly/monthly attendance of meetings by all group members through training and maintenance of attendance registers.

7. Ensure accurate and timely filing of all Group Loan documentation.

8. Ensure effective monitoring of loans through regular visits to clients and manage

delinquency alarm signals by following up on problem clients.

9. Generate and instill solidarity group pressure in each group as the basis of Co-guarantor ship.

10. Liaise with the Credit Supervisor to ensure speedy payment of claims in event of death calamities.

11. Ensure that all the loan repayment collections are deposited to TPB’s bank account by the group officials within 12hours.

12. Ensure that all groups are constantly full through continuous mobilization and timely replacement of exited clients.

13. Cross sell other TPB’s products and services.

14. Attend any other duties as may be assigned by the Credit Supervisor.


To serve customer effectively

Posting transactions

Coordinate all counter activities while ensuring that quality service is provided to customers


Customer – Service Delivery/Enquiries

Efficient and Quality Service to Customers


Customer Satisfaction

Individual Productivity and Turnaround time

Minimum Cash Differences

Accuracy of Transactions Postings



Bachelor’s degree/Advanced Diploma in Banking, Economics, Commerce, Business Administration, Finance, Accounting from any recognized University or equivalent qualification.


- At least 1 - 3 years of relevant Banking Experience

- Working knowledge of Equinox Functionality

- Computer literate is desirable.

Performance Measures

(i) Ensure quality services to customers
(ii) Collection of all commissions, fees and charges at 100%

(iii) Increase of transactions and Deposit values as per strategic plan
(iv) Daily Days work balanced, verified and signed
(v) Ensure adherence to TPB core values
(vi) Reconcile all accounts and prepare required reports
(vii) Compliance with service delivery standards

The position will attract a competitive salary package, which include benefits. Applicants are invited to submit their resume (indicating the position title in the subject heading) via e-mail to: Applications via other methods will not be considered.

Applicants need to submit only the Curriculum Vitae (CV) and the letter of applications starting the job advertised and the location. Other credentials will have to be submitted during the interview for authentic check and other administrative measures and should not in any way be attached during application.

Tanzania Postal Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is very committed to environmental, health and safety Management.

Tanzania Postal Bank has a strong commitment to environmental, health and safety management. Late applications will not be considered. That certificates acquired outside the United Republic of Tanzania should be accredited by relevant authorities such as Tanzania Commission of Universities (TCU) and National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA). Short listed candidates may be subjected to any of the following: a security clearance; a competency assessment; physical capability assessment and reference checking.

Please forward your applications before 7th July, 2015


WAKATI ikiwa imebaki miezi minne tu ili kufikia tarehe ya Uchaguzi mkuu wa Urais,wabunge pamoja na Madiwani hapo Octoba 25 mwaka huu,sasa Vyama vya Upinzani vya ACT-Wazalendo pamoja na Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo Chadema vimeingia tena kwenye  Uhasama mkubwa ambao unaweza ukavivuruga vyama hivyo.(Mtadandao huu unaripot)i.Anaandika KAROLI VINSENTendelea nayo

           Ni  Baada ya leo Chama cha ACT –wazalendo kusema wamepanga kukifanyia kitu kibaya chama cha Chadema ambapo wanadai Viongozi wa Chadema hawatakisahau maishani mwao.
         Hayo  yamesemwa Mda huu Jijini Dar Es Salaam  na Katibu wa  Mipango na Mikakati Taifa wa ACT-Wazalendo Habibu Mchange ,wakati wa mkutano na waandishi wa Habari ambapo Mchange amesema kwa sasa chama hicho kimechoka na kitendo wanachodai kinafanywa na Chadema cha kuwakodi watu kuja kufanya fujo kwenye mikutano yao.
       “ Sisi tumebaini wazi kwamba chadema wanawakodi watu na  kuja kufanya fujo kwenye mikutano yetu tumeona kule Tunduma mkoani mbeya na hata huyo Kionngozi wao Mnyika ametangaza kuwa sisi ni Adui basi wakiendelea ,tutawafanyi jambo baya sana na litakalokimaliza kabisa chama hicho,Amesema Mchange.
           Habibu Mchange ambaye anawania Ubunge kwenye Jimbo la Kibaha Mjini Mkoani Pwani kupitia chama hicho kwenye Uchaguzi mkuu wa hapo baadae mwaka huu  amebainisha kuwa  kwa kusema anaifahamu Chadema licha ya kuwa huko, kwani hawawezi kumtisha na atakavyowafanyia jambo baya hilo,anadai atatumia njia nyingi.
     “Mimi Chadema naijua kwani mimi ndio niliyoijenga chadema mpaka kufikia hapo,kama hamjui mimi ndio niliyotengeneza mipango kama ya  “Movement For Change” (M4C),Oparesheni Sangara,mimi ndio nilioijenga Chadema,kwahiyo hata hao wakina Dk Slaa na Mbowe wake hawawezi kufanya hivyo nawaambieni, hawezi kunipa shida kuwafanyia jambo baya,waendeleea waone”amebainisha Mchange..
               Wakati huo huo Chama cha ACT-Wazalendo kimewataka kupita viongozi wake, kimewataka Wananchi na wanachama wa chama hicho mkoani Dar es Salaam kujitokeza kwa wingi kwenye mkutano mkubwa utakao fanyika Viwanja vya Mwembe Yanga vilivyopo Wilaya ya Temeke Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam siku ya Jumamosi ya Julai nne mwaka huu.

        Ambapo kwa mujibu wa Mchange amesema Mkutano huo mkubwa ambao utarushwa (live)yaani moja kwa moja kupita Vituo vya TV na Redio unatajwa kuwepo na Ajenda mbali mbali jambo analo anadai litakuwa linalengo la kumkomboa mtanzania wa leo.

JOBS TANZANIA - 7/2/2015

Mott MacDonald is a global management, engineering and development consultancy adding value for public and private clients on agenda-setting, next-generation projects worldwide. We use our ingenuity to save our customers money and time, reduce risks, increase efficiency, maximise sustainable outcomes and advance best practice.

We do this through innovative thinking and by mobilising cross-sector, international perspectives, drawing on the immense talent and energy of our people – designers, engineers, project and programme managers, management consultants, environmentalists, planners, economists, business strategists, infrastructure finance advisors, public private partnership experts, cost consultants, low carbon specialists, technology experts, safety advisors, health and education specialists, development policy advisors and more.

Communications Officer

Technical Lead Specialist - School Leadership

Finance Manager

Office Manager

Finance Officer

Technical Lead Specialist - Community Participation


10 Amazing Beauty Tricks With Coconut Oil

coconut oil tricks for skin and hairLet's work backwards. When you think about the health benefits of coconut oil, we're going to guess that the last thing that comes to mind is rubbing the edible plant grease all over your face. Or your arms. Or your hair. But a growing body of research, countless experts, and an army of natural-beauty devotees swear by the stuff for just about everything. Are they onto something?
Yes, according to our experts. Coconut oil is used in many natural beauty products, and for good reason: It's naturally antibacterial and antifungal, it's an excellent moisturizer, it can penetrate hair better than other oils, and, well, it smells like cookies.
"Yum," says Tieraona Low Dog, MD, director of the fellowship program at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. "Is there anything more luscious than coconut oil?"
We can't think of anything. But we can think of 10 amazing uses for it in your very own home that don't require spending a fortune on store-bought products. In fact, all you need is one thing: Raw (and preferably organic) virgin coconut oil.
Here, count on two hands our completely natural DIY beauty tricks with coconut oil.
1. To soothe dry hands
This won't work for dry digits when you're on the go, but at home, coconut oil can work wonders on your dishwashing-parched hands. "I keep a jar of organic extra virgin coconut oil by the kitchen sink and put a little on after washing my hands to keep them soft and moist," says Low Dog. And if you cook with coconut oil—you can sub it for butter in baking recipes because it’s solid at room temperature—scoop out a little extra for your hands, too. "Whenever I cook with coconut oil, I make sure to moisturize my hands with it too," says Katrine van Wyk, a holistic health and nutrition coach based in New York.
MORE: 7 Reasons Your Hands Look Old—And How To Fix Them
2. As a cheekbone highlighter
Nothing perks up a tired face like a little highlighter, but you don't need store-bought products to achieve the same effect. Simply sweep a small amount of coconut oil on top of makeup and leave it alone. It looks like your skin but glowier, which is why many natural makeup brands use it as a base ingredient in their formulas. If you're looking for a more portable option, try the cult favorite Living Luminizer by RMS Beauty, which has a coconut-oil base and light reflecting pigment.
3. To shave your legs

Photo by Getty Images
Conventional shaving cream is an expensive cocktail of chemicals that you don't need to get a nice clean shave on your legs or underarms. Coconut oil, on the other hand, is inexpensive, naturally antimicrobial, and smells divine. Plus, its skin-soothing properties will leave your legs looking hydrated (but never greasy).
4. As a deep-conditioner
There's a reason many conditioners contain coconut oil: It's better able to penetrate hair (and prevent protein loss) than mineral and sunflower oil, according to research. "I use it in my hair and on my skin for deep conditioning," says Tasneen Bhatia, MD, an integrative doctor and owner of the Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine. Apply a quarter-size dollop to your hair, comb it, and then pile it into a loose bun. You'll want to place a soft towel over your pillow or sleep in a shower cap. In the morning, shampoo as usual with a gentle cleanser.
5. To remove eye makeup
Yes, coconut oil even works on waterproof mascara! Put a little on a cotton ball and gently sweep it over your eyes, paying attention to your under-eyes as well. The oil does a great job breaking down waxy, inky eye makeup, and leaves the delicate area hydrated, too. Once you're done, wash your face as usual.
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6. As a body moisturizer
A recent animal study found that when applied topically, virgin coconut oil can speed up wound healing, and a human study found it to be effective in increasing hydration and reducing water loss in seriously dry skin. Sounds like a recipe for a really good lotion to us! It's a health-expert favorite, too. Says Wyk: "It smells delicious, is very affordable, and leaves my skin feeling nourished and smooth."
7. To clean your face

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Because coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, moisturizing and, according to research, great for atopic dermatitis, many women swear by its use as a nighttime moisturizer for their face, too. Try the double-cleansing method: Simply rub the oil in circular motions all over your face and neck, giving yourself a gentle massage as you go. When you're done, wash off the residue with your favorite cleanser. (If you're adult-acne prone, avoid this technique unless you know your skin tolerates coconut oil.)
8. To add shine
Smooth a tiny amount of coconut oil onto your ends to add a little shine, or on flyaways if you have dark hair. Remember that a dab will do you: Any more and your hair might appear greasy.
9. In a luscious body scrub
Here's a little DIY beauty secret: That store-bought body scrub you save for special occasions? It's a waste of money. That's because you can make one yourself with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Low Dog agrees. "I love to do this. It's wonderfully moisturizing, great for the skin, inexpensive, and blissfully absent of chemicals you can't pronounce!" To make your own, Low Dog suggests melting ½ c of coconut oil at very low heat. Pour it over 1 c of brown sugar or salt and stir well. If you have some on hand, add in five drops of your favorite essential oil or some pure vanilla extract for a scrub so fragrant you'll want to eat it.
10. For a little rubdown
Many store-bought massage oils have either coconut or jojoba oil as their base. Cut out the middleman and go straight to the bottle. It's slippery, skin-friendly, and moisturizing, too.


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