Dear ladies, before opening your legs to every Tom, Dick and Harry read this

Here are some of the things every Nairobi lady should know before opening their legs to every Tom Dick and Harry.

-Success is not s3xually transmitted, so stop sleeping with successful men and work hard.

-Please do not wear the same weave for nine months, it’s not pregnancy

-Half nak3d girls are hot, well dressed girls are beautiful, hell is hot, heaven is beautiful

-Stop saying you cannot date a man who lives with his mother yet you’re dating a man who lives with his wife

-Do not look at what a guy drives but what drives him..

-Before You call a guy ugly, remember 95 % of Your beauty can be removed by a towel.

-When you were in campus you dated married men, when you get married you say you cant share a man, relax my sister its pay time..

-Lastly learn to call and consult JESUS and not Maina Kageni…

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