FERDINARD WAITITU’s alleged “mpango wa kando” speaks out, She wants you to know this

A lady alleged to be warming up the bed of Kabete MP, Ferdinard Waititu, has denied rumours that she has been supplying s3xual favours to the controversial legislator in exchange for money.

The petite figured lady, who has been flossing huge sums of money on social media and referring to Waititu as her sweet-heart, has now turned around and denied having anything to do with “Baba Yao”.

She blamed haters for spreading these rumours even after praising Waititu through social media and describing him as the sweetest man ever.

LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES! I took a selfie with my MP the Hon. Waititu. The gutter press on social media twisted everything. I am NOT his girlfriend, and am in NO way associated with the said MP. Very sad.” She said.

However, what remains unclear is where this young lady gets the huge chunk of money that she has been flossing on social media.

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